Are You Wearing a Mask?


Authentic. It’s a buzz work these days. What does authentic mean to you?  My mentor told me “authentic means, OWNING YOUR POWER.” I like that. All human beings are powerful when they are authentic. When do you feel most powerful? When do you give your power away?

Many women I know, mothers, and caregivers alike are in this constant caregiving role. This makes is more challenging to take care of our authentic selves first. So many parents I coach feel completely guilty when aksed about their own likes, wants and needs.

Today being Halloween (a day appropriate to wear masks) could be a great day to begin taking your mask off.  Imagine if it were ok to walk out of the house, dressed as your authentic self! What would you wear? What would you do with your child differently?  Imagine other peoples judgments and opinions meant less?

What is one way you can be more authentic in your life? I would love to hear your comments….


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I am a Special Education Therapist, a licensed teacher, Certified Practitioner of Yoga for The Special Child and host of Your Beautiful Child Radio
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6 Responses to Are You Wearing a Mask?

  1. Erin Flowers says:

    I love this. Beautiful. Thanks.

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  2. Dennis Jones says:

    I feel a way to search out your authentic self would be by being uncharacteristic. Not doing the expected. Not the usual. Not expecting the same reactions and results.

  3. Dennis Jones says:

    Shane I find that I give my power away when I’m not effective. When I allow anger to rule and destroy a conversation. I feel helpless afterwards.

  4. Dennis Jones says:

    I think I have felt most powerful when I achieve goals. No matter how large or small. The feeling of accomplishment is empowering and has a riveting effect on your spirit.

  5. Dennis! I love how organized and clear your answers are… Your self awareness is admirable;)

    • Dennis Jones says:

      Shane your spirit-filled questions help me to reach inside and let feelings out. I think you do a great job at that. Please continue.

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