As Your Beautiful Child expands, I find my organizational skills being tested.  This has never been a strong point of mine, and at the very least I do not have a child that is following my lead.  I have the tools I need to work on this skill, but somewhere as a child this was not a skill I mastered, (for the record; my Mother is super organized.)

When I work with a child, I stress to the parent that their toy and work area must be ultra organized.  This is one wonderful way I learn along with the children I work with.  Many children have so many toys it is nearly impossible to keep them in any kind of order.  My way of avoiding boxes of random toys, is to NOT keep all toys out all once.  Depending on your storage space, you can choose which toys should be out as a choice.  When your child shows he/she is bored, switch those toys with ones your child has not played with in a while!  How excited will they be!  This will also help in saving money – no need for “new” toys so often anymore!

To take this idea a step further, have your child become a part of the choice process, this will make them feel and actually become independent.  It invites conversation and the child will feel respected that their voice and choice is being heard.

An independent child is a child whose self-esteem grows.