Aloha nui loa!.

I am lucky to be writing this blog from the beautiful state of Hawaii!!  I am here exploring the world of education, and spreading the Your Beautiful Child formula and ideas with families and children here.  I have made some exciting contacts and have not even been here a week!  I find the schools and families here are warm and welcoming to ideas to help their children flourish.  I am really feeling, “if you can make it here, (NY) you can make it anywhere” vibe.  Today I set out to visit local elementary schools to meet with Principals in order to substitute teach!  I have not been in a classroom in close to 4 years, and the prospect of me leading a classroom is exciting!!!

With my resume and transcripts in hand, I am ready to enter the Alia’manu Elementary school.  It is then I am reminded of Furlough Friday, and no one is there today.  Hawai’i’s answer to having no money as a state is to give all children, and staff the day off every other Friday.  I read by something mentioning this, and summed it up as office staff would not be working, but of course children would be in attendance.  I was wrong, everyone has the day off.  I laughed at myself for picking this day to be motivated, and at the reaction of New Yorkers if this was put in place in our state.  How could one of our states do something like this and no others?  Aren’t we a “United” States of America?!?!  I immediately imagined the rioting in the streets that would take place…

Several law suits were filed, one representing 9 children with Autism. The furlough days are not applicable to public charter schools or private schools.

How sad. Where do all these children go? It is obvious to me having been here before and feeling the loving vibes, they go to Ohana, family.  They get to spend time with Aunites and Uncles, (blood relatives and those who might as well be.) Which is a learning and loving way to spend every other Friday, maybe Furlough Fridays is not so sad after all, maybe again we should all follow the ways of the islands…