I’ve been meeting with parents to discuss the upcoming event the DAY OF JOY. I’ve been asking opinions on what should be presented and what parents and caregivers would like to experience.  What I am hearing is parents only thinking of what to do with their children and how to fix current problems they are experiencing.  When I ask them if they would enjoy a yoga class, a reiki session or a facial, many answer “oh yes! that too!”

Since I am a special education therapist and do deal with the everyday issues and problems it’s easy for me to lose focus what the day is about. .  This DAY OF JOY is not about the children or the issues they present.  It is really going to be a day to enjoy the moments as a human being and get in touch with what it’s like to have fun!  This in turn will make you a better parent and human being.

Between the improv acting session, mandala art, yoga, nutrition workshop, foot massage drum circle and who knows what else…  an interesting aspect that I am looking forward to is having parents of young children meet parents of children who are grown.  Natural support systems will form based on where a person chooses to sit!

I am enjoying the process of meeting with parents and working with my colleagues Jeannie Reid and Rita Gendelman.  I am learning what it’s like to work with adults on a project.  I get excited when I speak about this event, thinking about all the people that will get just as excited.

I am finding that people who do not have biological children want to attend.  Who doesn’t want and deserve a DAY OF JOY?!

I love the idea that no matter how many people show up or how much money we can fund raise, this idea is a success and the process is a learning  journey.

I welcome any feedback and ideas from parents and caregivers that would like to attend.  This will be an annual event, and who knows maybe we’ll take it on the road.  In the meantime, keep yourself posted on the agenda and send love and positive energy towards this event.

Here is last weeks Your Beautiful Child Radio show. It’s me chatting with Jeannie and Rita. Enjoy!


Namaste,                                                                                                                                                 Shane

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