I’ve spoken about my feelings of Caterpillars before. They are the only insect that I jump at.  Living in an apartment in Brooklyn, I would have put my money on a wager that a Caterpillar wouldn’t show up in my kitchen. Well I would have lost twice!

Last Summer while I was vacationing in Israel I wandered into a “Storyteller’s” space. It was the courtyard of his home and it was decorated magically.  This place was located across from the apartment I was staying in on Leo  Street.   This was an apartment I had been staying in because of a trade via craigslist. Random? I think not.

The deal was I pick a card, and it correlates to a story in this man’s book. Here is the story as I remember it…

There was a caterpillar that wanted to set out on a journey, he began telling all his insect friends he was going to be travelling up the highest mountain in the land. They all laughed at him, beatles, wasps, dragonflies, and bumble bees. They teased him and told him he was stupid, and wasting his time.  They bonded over making fun of him, and the caterpillar climbed as fast as he could.  The other insects began to follow him just to see him fail.  The caterpillar began straining and sweating, he rested when he felt he should, but he never gave up. One rest lasted about two weeks and slowly when he woke up he opened up out of his chrysalis and became a beautiful butterfly and with ease in the most effortless way, he flew to the top of the mountain.

_____________________STOP!! Major happening_____________________

I swear I just freaked out!! I thought there was a fly on my arm and it was a CATERPILLAR. This has happened right now.  Geez I am overwhelmed with the fact that that story from the teller was for me. For me forever, and I share it with you.

Take everything slow and enjoy the climb. There are many lessons I took away from this story.  Today as in most of my days I am in production mode of  “A Day of Joy.” I am finding myself having a problem with patience in my planning. Today the caterpillar that visited me on my shoulder reminded me to take it slow, and I will eventually get to the place I want to be, at the exactly right moment.

Namaste,                                                                                                                                                  Shane