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California Yoga Sport

Travel & Yoga. What a perfect combination. Venturing to far off lands. Deepening your understanding of your surroundings with the soothing & powerful practice of Yoga. But what if it wasBusiness Travel& Yoga. The Yin & Yang of two opposite worlds colliding. Stress coupled with the intense yearning for physical & mental relaxation.

Relax passengers between flights? Help them find balance in the crazy world of travel? How wonderful!,” said nurse consultant Anya Clowers of

Traveling, let along business travel, is far from an easy trip..literally. The anxiety of long security lines, impatient passengers, babies crying, five hour nonstop flights, the dreaded middle seat, & the constant entrapment in your 17″ space. One particular airport in CYS’s own backyard, San Francisco International Airport, has pioneered the first yoga studio in Terminal 2 for travelers looking to get their Om on before…

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