Jeannie at A Day of JOY

~~~After much mindful thought, research and consideration, the name I’ve chosen is Padmalaya Mariposa :))   Try saying it out loud… it has the first requirement I wanted, which is flow… and musicality… yes, a reference to dancing… which has long been an important part of my life… especially Argentine Tango.  So imagine the name has movement…

~~~Padmalaya is one of the many nicknames for the Hindu goddess of all forms of abundance, Lakshmi…. and means “one who sits on a lotus”.  Not only do I identify with eastern beliefs, but the lotus references the radiating circlular Mandalas I create with my artwork, as well as the fact I like to include the lotus motif directly.   Mandalas are important to me because they represent wholeness, integration, being centered, and having well-being….. ahhhh, can you feel it?!  Oh, yes… and PEACE :))

~~~Mariposa is spanish for butterfly…. referencing transformation!! (and my affinity for Spain).   I feel that not only have I been transforming into a “better” version of myself, especially since the gift of autism entered my life almost 11 years ago,  I have actually been becoming Who I Really Am (as the Law of Attraction people say…).  I am gradually peeling away and throwing off the layers of what’s been placed upon me by outside sources and discovering my True Self…. the beauty of the butterfly is not just in it’s outward presentation, but in the process and concept of allowing itself to become it’s most amazing version of itself.  Autism and the Son-Rise Program have taught me that this is the way to create the miracle of autism recovery… but it’s also the way to create the miracle of ME ;))  I have a lot to offer the world, but I have to come out of my cocoon and stretch my wings first!

~~~As I continue to go forward, I plan to continue to offer what I’ve created with all of YOU ;))… with openness, authenticity, acceptance, compassion…. and LOVE ;))  Because TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER…. and Love IS the Answer, and Peace IS the Way.

~~~Namaste Everyone…. the light in me sees, adknowledges and appreciates the light in you.