Some say relaxation and me go hand in hand. Is this a fact?  Do I really relax?

My answer is yes.  What does it take for me to get to full relaxation?  I’ll tell you when I’ve actually experienced this.

How can anyone relax when there are “things” to be done? The answer I’ve come to, as I begin writing this blog is: There are different levels of relaxation.  The one I am in now is in the state of surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere. I am upstate at my bungalow, it’s raining and I’m outside, I have my tea, some lemon water and I’m on a cushion on a lounge chair.  I am typing this.  I am being productive. I am relaxed.

Yesterday, I spent 5 hours at a Laundromat, I loved it! I got to read my book, find a new health food store and a restaurant I plan on going to. I got to sit and watch people. I was relaxed.

I plan on going to a massage and facial this week, then I’ll be relaxed too… or will I?  Many think one needs a lot of money to relax, to get to the spa, to go on vacation.  I see relaxation happening most in a comfortable familiar setting.  I am more relaxed in my own surroundings than when I have to spend money to “buy” my relaxation, and it doesn’t last as long.

I go upstate for many weekends of the summer. It is a place that elicits relaxation.  Trees, grass, birds, butterflies and pretty raindrops.  Ahhhhh. It is also a bungalow I stay in that is part of a community of 18 other bungalows filled with people that all have different ideas of what relaxation looks like.  As much as I dream and fantasize, I cannot come here and be in my own private Idaho.   It is a challenge to get to relax amongst a mellow chaos that occurs here.

I imagine it would be more challenging to find relaxation if my home was crowded with children, a spouse or mate or even roommates…

Alas… I have Cooper, my 4-legged baby.   Of course it’s different for me to create time to relax.  I am running a business and managing my life for myself.  Not easier or harder than what parents and for families do, just different.

The best tips on creating ways to relax is:

a)Don’t judge what relaxation is supposed to feel or look like

b)Allow yourself moments of relaxation when getting “things” done

c)Locking yourself in the bathroom is a beautiful idea

d)Get your children involved in “helping Mommy or Daddy to relax”

e) Get your mate to give a gift of relaxation time in the form of a homemade coupon (attached below)

If you cannot find moments to relax, and you want your children to grow up with a relaxed life,  how will they know what it looks like if you don’t practice now?

Showing your children what it looks like to relax… is the best thing to do for yourself and your children that love you.


Relaxation Coupon



To be redeemed for ____________________ min/hours