Here I was on vacation in a land with no cars. A dream. I had about 3 solid days of relaxation and joy.  Tons of people riding bikes, I was not one of them.  They were getting to where they have to go faster and supposedly with more fun.   This should be something I would like to do, except that I was afraid. So my first attempt was to take a baby bike out, like one that would suit an average 4 year old. I didn’t get very far, but I patted myself on the back for going about 10 feet. Okay fear overcome and done…. Not really.

Several days later, a friend of mine said, we were invited to a party and we were going to ride bikes to get there…. ugh. I heard myself getting unnerved. I felt like I was being pushed, and I heard myself whining and complaining of feeling stuck. Wah wah waahhhhhhh……

As quickly as I began whining and getting angry, I noticed that I was backing away from something that I had yet to try.  I had ridden a bike once about 5 years ago, and before then when I was 9, and never in the street.


I shut up and thought to myself, get on the fricken bike and see. Then state the fact, I can ride or I’ll walk and meet you there.

I found a bike that was short enough for me, and I walked it to the path, AND I RODE THE BIKE! I rode to the party, I rode after the party, and I rode all the way home. IT WAS FUN! Never mind riding the bike I rode at night!! As unsafe as it was I broke though my fear. I found my face getting scrunched up, holding my breath, gripping the handlebar, contracting my body  getting ready to crash. Each time I became aware of these reactions, I reminded myself, that a)they will not help me in any way, b)if I fell down, so what?

I’m proud of me, and I know getting through even the smallest challenges matter so much in the big picture.  I’m not sure I’ll be riding the streets of Brooklyn or , but actually who knows?