In the past 6 months, there have been two Day’s of Joy. LA and NYC. I share what I’ve seen, and experienced.



Why is JOY important to health? I recently asked my client (a Mother of a 12 year old autistic girl) What is joy to her? She replied, making sure my child is fed, and I have a roof over my head. ALARMS went off in my head. Is this joy? I define this as survival. What does joy mean to you? Is it a party? A vacation? Do you have to spend money to be joyful? Can joy be something you create on your own?

The kind of joy that brings health to the body is the kind of joy that you FEEL in your body, travels up your throat and comes out in a burst of energy. Bursts of energy look different to different people. For me I feel my freedom, and I talk fast, or jump, or ideas come to me fast and furious of how to do more of what I love.

How I got to know what my JOY looks like, ha ha ha, well I had and have to walk through the bog to get there. The bog is the swampy waters that are filled with anger, blame, shame, guilt and worry. My joy expands whenever I get to release, or realize how much of the bog I walk through or possibly even get stuck in.

A Day of Joy is a day meant to feel. In fact I open the space inviting guests to ponder; maybe they won’t feel joyful at all! Maybe they will have feelings of being pissed off, sad, angry or even confronted! I witnessed many women taking part in very new and experimental ways of expressing themselves. Some found it very easy, some were extremely challenged. I only know self-criticism and judgement to be the reason. Why is this so common? Why do we women allow judgment to take us down. Why are some so stuck in our bodies. Afraid or challenged to make big movements with our bodies, or to explore a new way of moving. Why are some of our voices afraid to get loud? It was interesting to witness.

I work a lot with women and Mothers finding their voices. Are you comfortable being loud, are you comfortable using a strong voice, when you are asking for help? Are you comfortable with an audible sigh?  Try it and see.

My goal for A Day of Joy, is for women to expand beyond what is their “norm.” Everyone’s “norm” is completely different. I am extremely aware of how it’s “easy” to stay in a comfort zone. Doing the same thing every day, having the same complaints, the same schedule and literally having no hope for dreams to come true. I see women who give up on their physical selves. On a deep level of self-care, these things matter. I see only doing the minimal self-care, shower, brushing teeth, and dressing in clean clothes as survival mode.  A Day of Joy, is a day to break out of survival, to go beyond any limitations that have been set by belief systems or what someone else said was true.

A Day of Joy is a challenge for all women that show up. The type of “joy” that I introduce can show up in two weeks, a month later, or maybe immediately.

Overall I saw women in LA adapt much quicker to the workshops than the women in Brooklyn.  Why?  Why were the women of the west coast more open to new experiences and using their voices, and breathing past what is “right” and “wrong?”  I wonder.

I WELCOME comments on this!  Let’s keep it friendly and loving, and please only speak for yourself….


Shane B. Kulman,

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