meet your teacherYou love your child. They go to school. You hope for the best. The teacher wants to talk to you after school or it’s open school night. All these feelings of defensiveness, shame, fear and lack of knowing may come up. What’s next?

Showing up to hear about your own child can be tough, especially if they have challenges. Having been a classroom teacher, I’ve witnessed a lot of parents showing up to a parent teacher meeting with all different kinds of emotions, some subtle, some very up front and center. If you’ve gotten to this point in reading. EXCELLENT. You are open. Hopefully teachers come from a place of compassion, regardless the more you are prepared the better you will feel.  Here are 5 tips for the next time you have a meeting with your child’s teacher:

  1. Set your intention (what do you want to get/receive or accomplish at the meeting. Be specific, be clear)
  2. Breathe, take 5 deep breaths into your belly, place both feet on the ground, affirm your intention
  3. Show up with your questions written down, write the answers down as well
  4. Bring support if you can (it can be a good friend)
  5. Ask what specifically you can do for “carry-over” at home to support what your child needs help with

I have heard of many situations where the teacher is rude, doesn’t care, and and no way near compassionate. For this I’m sorry. I understand how upsetting this can be. My offering here are: be firm and friendly, with the teacher and or the principal/director if you need to. Using anger or getting frustrated and fighting, does not benefit your child, and limits time of your needs being heard.

I wish you many informative meetings,