Do you often feel like you pick up other people’s energies easily, even to the point that you can’t tell if it’s yours or theirs?
Do you get intuitive feelings or a sense of things and when you disregard them you think,” oh boy! I should’ve listened!”
You are not alone in your intuitive sensitivity, my beautiful friends.
We are in the midst of great change. Each and every one of us. Personal, private, deep, outspoken, euphoric freedom-seeking change. Global, public, positively world shaking and consciousness shifting change.
We know there is more to life than what we have been told. There’s an internal pull that wants to explore possibilities.
True success is self-defined and the confidence and courage to pursue our own path comes from trusting our vision, our passion and our intuition.
Here are 5 ways you can start tapping into and leveraging your intuition.
1. We Are All INTUITIVE: We Are Wired To Receive/Transmit Invisible Information
We are made of energy and connected to everything and everyone through energy. We are constantly interacting with visible and invisible energetic information. 
in·tu·i·tion ˌint(y)o͞oˈiSHən/
1. the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
Intuition is also described as “knowing without knowing how you know.” Gut feelings. Voices. Inner knowing. The chills and the shivers when something is “off” and when something is just right!
We are, as human beings, wired to receive and transmit! Allow yourself to receive!
2. Expand Your Mindset: The More You ALLOW the More Your Intuition Grows
A core belief in the consciousness movement is: “ As you believe, you perceive and achieve/receive.”
So it follows with intuition. The more you are open to your intuition, the more it shows up for you.
Now that you know we are all wired to receive/transmit information we can stop discounting the weird feeling that you get when something feels off.
Notice as you go about your day if thoughts, feelings or guidance comes up, if your rational mind steps in with reasons why you are wrong, affirm to yourself,” I allow myself to receive and explore internal guidance. I allow.”
3. Hone The Intuition Habit: Learn To Go Within
Taking time to get quiet, release worries/thoughts and lists, connect to your breath and allow is key! You can do this in the morning to begin your day, throughout the day or to end your day. Commit to this practice daily.
4. Manage your Energy: All intuition and creative expression flows through YOU; your body, mind and spirit is your vehicle. 
When you are not creating boundaries with the needs of others overriding ours, when we over schedule, under exercise, overeat and under sleep…we are creating a recipe for an energetic imbalance that muddles your clarity and your ability to apply what you know.
As an intuitive being, your first responsibility is to feel good. Not in a selfish way rather a self FULL way where you are managing your energies so you can show up for life to the best of your ability.
A great check in is: “How can I better support my overall well-being today?” Then take action!
Your action steps: cultivate your inner knowing and your intuition!
•                Conduct an inquiry: How connected do you feel to your intuition?  Because no matter how connected you are to it, you are an intuitive being!
•                Listen to yourself. Allow yourself to go inward.  Journal, meditate–turn off the tv, the computer, and allow yourself to receive your own wisdom. Make this part of self-care, it will allow you to get clear!
•                Allow your intuition to guide a decision you’re making or something you’re considering.
We will discover more about your Intuitive sensitivity this Sunday at the Say Of Joy event!
For a complimentary ebook: 11 Tips to Set Your Intuition Free! and an mp3 meditation to Discover Your Own Intuitive Style please go to The Urban Priestess, Vanessa Codorniu
 Vanessa Codorniu is a spotlight expert at A Day of Joy June 2015 NYC
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