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Purposeful Parenting?
 I was recently told instead of saying “thats cool,” or “awesome,” to use the word PURPOSEFUL.

ex. I found this awesome apartment to move to change to I found this purposeful apartment to move to. 

When I said this, it changed the tone of my voice and made me think about this apartment in a whole new way.

The best way I like to describe Purposeful parenting is;
being mindful, while also seeking a specific result.

This course is for those parents that understand the point of power with your children is right now… 
purposeful parenting logo
There is nothing that you could have “done” that messed up your children 

forever, as long as you take initiative through action to work through it. 

You will get actual tools to use RIGHT AWAY! There will be no jargon, we’ll get real, and you’ll set up your Fall to have success in the most important areas: 

  1. How to have better, morning, mealtimes, and bedtimes
  2. How to play that “teaches” your child INTENTIONALLY
  3. Boosting your child self esteem
  4. Your child and his/her emotional states
  5. Practical self-care
  6. Your child and responsibility

I hope to “see” many of you there! You cannot lose! Imagine you didn’t have to turn to books, or commiserating with friends on whats NOT working. OR Imagine you can expand into being the BEST parent you can be… There is always more to learn…

Doesn’t happen easily does it? How much physical pressure do you need? What material do you use? What liquid works best? Are streaks visible in the morning? The evening? Natural light? candlelight? What about when guests come over? Do you leave the streaks and accept the smudges, fingerprints? Do you not turn certain lights on, keep one side of the drapes closed? Do you ask for help? Do you notice other mirrors in other homes that you visit?

car-wax-10-mirrorThis seems like an ongoing process. One with which I am in the middle of. I began this blog before I received a gift from a parent I work with. We are in a family coaching relationship, and she gave me a cloth specifically to clean mirrors THE BEST. She obviously had no idea of my mirror cleaning challenges, yet she showed up with this “random” gift. We never talk cleaning, we never talk about the mundane.

What I realized is that all conversations, and gifts, (and sometimes the conversations are are the gifts) have an option of being purposeful. This special cleaning rag is extremely purposeful and I am grateful.

This makes me open my mind to what is judged as “pointless” conversation. Do you hold certain topics of conversation  for specific people? Do you speak to your child in a way that serves them? Do you speak to children in a way that makes them wrong? Are you fighting to be right in conversations with friends?

My hope is after reading this blog, your take away is to find the purpose in the conversations that you have. To be aware with the words we share makes the sharing more powerful.

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