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All of this is done through Love. A love that is unspeakable, unrequited, and unconditional. It all comes from that Core place called the heart. It is time to give to your heart, to only receive, and to breathe and purely be. You are a child too. You are loved and appreciated for all that you do even if you don’t hear it all of the time or enough. You are enough. You are perfect the way you are. You are perfect.

I have found this to be true as a child to an amazing giving mother. Not only is she a mom of two girls, but she is also a Hematologist, Oncologist. She is constantly giving and taking care of people who are very ill. When I was young, she would come home from a long day of work, and jump right into being there for us. We would sit as a family and eat dinner (when we could) and play and talk about our days. Then she always sat with me to work on my homework or art projects. Sometimes she would even stay up until 1 in the morning to help and still stay patient! She is a superwoman and I am forever grateful to her.

Even though I live across the country from her and am an adult, she is still as supportive, compassionate, and loving to me. I can’t imagine how hard it is to work two jobs and not have enough time for oneself. When I went to grad school for dance movement therapy, I didn’t know exactly what capacity I would practice it in. It wasn’t until I became a toddler head teacher that I realized both children and parents, (especially mothers) need time for themselves to relax, rewind, and express themselves. I found that one powerful way to do so is through the body. I am excited to provide mothers with easy tools that you can use throughout your day or when you go to bed to shake off what you don’t need, feel grounded in your feet, and bring your attention back to your breath which helps lower anxiety and brings your mind to the present moment. Simple tools that go a long way and don’t require anything but you and your body and a moment of silence. Of course, dancing it out to music always helps too! The more we care for ourselves and love ourselves, the more we can do for others!

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