sleeping mom

Since moving into a sublet situation, most of my “stuff” (furniture, clothing etc. is with me, some is in storage and some is in my homebase apartment)

I have been tested in so many areas in regards to what a “perfect” home looks and feels like. How important is my “stuff” to making me feel complete? As a Mom how much does being “perfect” take you away from being present with your family and children?

I have two bedrooms for the first time, one bed is smaller than my own. I was having a guest sleep over, and felt a tremendous YUCKY feeling about offering them a bed with mis matched sheets! I had to get over it and it wasn’t easy, I took time and journaled about it and took a 5 minute meditation to get settled and not be apologetic for offering a mis-matched sheet set to my guest! I didn’t want to have any shame or embarrassment around it.

Immediately I thought of all my clients, who describe their home as

  • Chaotic
  • A disaster
  • Looks like a bomb hit it
  • Always a mess
  • Gross
  • How do you describe your home? ____________

These descriptions keep the home from having

  • Playdates
  • Mom gatherings
  • Parent community dinners
  • Extended family from visiting

What your children learn from this:

  • Shame (messy or not, kids sense your feelings about your home)
  • Embarrassment (kids learn that their home must not “be enough”
  • Being social only happens outside the home
  • Being social may only cost money to be fun
  • Whats your take?

I invite you to turn on some awareness in your thoughts on

  1. How your cleaning impacts your child?
  2. How your lack of cleaning impacts your family?
  3. Can your child/family be aware of their own responsibilities and teamwork opportunities to support their environment?
  4. Are you being a total servant to the loved ones in your home?
  5. How much pressure do you put on yourself to be “perfect?”
  6. Where have certain beliefs originated from? Are these home beliefs helpful to your family?  Are they yours or have they been passed on from someone or somewhere else?
  7. If you could ask for help in home responsibilities? What would you ask for help with?

Thank you for reading!