The eve before the New Year! Years of making wishes, resolutions, setting intentions and moving on. It’s Universal and it feels good to be part of the WORLD as a whole. Even if you no longer do any of the above, you are making that choice and that is something we are all (as in humanity) doing.

The holidays can trigger A LOT of stuff. I see it as a segregated way to celebrate and connect to joy. What are you? What do you celebrate? Why don’t you have a tree? Do you have a real tree? You get it. ALL of it can initiate judgement, or feelings being hurt.

New Years is for everyone. That feels good.

Today I went for a walk on the beach and found these two items. I found them after I washed my hands and boots in the water, symbolizing washing away anything from 2015 that didn’t and doesn’t serve me.

The large spiral shell, (the name/type I don’t know) symbolized BIG things to come. The coconut?!? Well I know it comes from far away places, and it was brought directly to me in my path, it feels very meaningful, but I’m still processing.

My new year will look like a lot of intentions GIVING in my business, and a lot of collaborations in business as well. For me personally, self-reverence.

My first gift to give in the New Year, is a Family mapping session/planning class. I am inviting you to this free class, so you can actually have a family that is easy to be in, and full of deep connections and love and truth, where no one is made to be wrong or right, good or bad. Show up to this online class and actually get to envision what this next year will be like for your family! It CAN be ideal. January 11th, 2016. This date is also the NEW MOON. THE perfet time to create what you want. Register here.

Here are some details:  1/11/15 8:30pm EST
I invite parents into this free video class for several reasons:
*For you to lay out goals for your family and yourself this new year
*For you to get a sample of what it would be like to work with me
*For me to give, I get joy from supporting parents
*I want you to know you CAN have peace in your home and in your mind

There will be:
A guided meditation, journaling and schetching out a map. You’ll need paper or a notebook, color pens or pencils, an hour of dedicated time.

This video class is you showing up open and curious. We will explore all the goals and intentions together, you will answer questions privately and place them on paper to create a map of what you want, and how you want your family to be in 2016.

Who is this class for?
*Parents of any age
*Parents who are struggling
*Parents who want more joy for their family
*Parents who feel out of control
*Parents who want more pleasure in parenting
*Parents who are overwhelmed
*Parents who are exhausted
*Conscious parents or those that want to be more pro-active
*Parents who take action
*Parents who are grateful
*Parents who are hopeless and want to feel good

I love you all. Have a peaceful new start to the NEW YEAR! Cheers!