“Optimize Your Child’s Mind, Body and Soul” by Nishma Shah – A Book Review

Disclaimer: The opinions presented in this book review are 100% my own.  My perspective may differ from yours, so please take the time to read the book and create your own opinions before acting upon mine.  And as always, please consult a doctor before acting upon a new health regimen.  Thanks for reading!

nishmaI am such a bookworm.  I always have been and always will be.  When I find a really good book that interests me, I can never put it down until I have at least come to a sort-of stopping point…but even then, I still read a few more pages.  And before you know it, I have read the ENTIRE book in one or two sittings.

Obviously that changes with children, but I still find time to squeeze in a few chapters (at least).

When I first connected with Nishma Shah I knew we would and do have a lot in common – including our outlook on feeding our children and nurturing their minds and bodies (as well as their souls!).  Nishma is a light within this world.  Just talking with her is delightful and enlightening.  Through her experiences with raising children and discovering ways to navigate illnesses through nutrition is beyond amazing.  I highly recommend contacting her, getting to know her and inquiring about her services to mothers and families.  (You can do that by visiting her website HERE).

What you will find is this:

Nishma is a health coach – through her coaching, she helps mothers discover underlying problems associated with nutrition and diet that could and can help overcome childhood (and adulthood) illnesses.  Nishma has an innate way of helping parents dig deep into negative habits, eating patterns and health issues – overcoming those and allowing mothers and their families to live a prosperous, healthy and happy life.

Nishma GETS IT! – What do I mean by this?  Not only is she educated in nutrition, health and wellness and has written publications for various high-level organizations, but she has also lived with a child who experienced illness at a very young age.  Nishma’s son was diagnosed at a very young age with liver disease.  For many years, Nishma researched and researched ways to help her son find comfort and healing.  What helped her son the most was implementing a healthy and tailored nutritional diet as well as mediation and yoga.

Isn’t that awesome?  So Nishma gets it – she has lived it, researched it and become educated in what she does!  And she so passionately pours herself into those she is in contact with.

Through this, Nishma wrote a book, “Optimize Your Child’s Mind, Body and Soul“.  She sent her book to me to read and I cannot even begin to tell you how eye-opening  it was to apply Nishma’s words and knowledge into my families everyday life.  It has already changed the way we eat and the way that we approach nutrition on a more healing level.

“Optimize Your Child’s Mind, Body and Soul”


This book guides the reader through the following topics:

– Increases the reader’s understanding of how different food groups influence their child’s mind, body and soul.

– Shows the reader how simple changes in gut health can strengthen the immune system and optimize brain power. (and I can be a testament to this!)

– Introduces yoga and meditation to your child to help them keep calm and centered. (This was probably my favorite part)

– And introduces the reader to healthy and delicious recipes that every member of the family will LOVE!

As I read through, I made several notes that I would like to share with you; things that I felt were either interesting, relevant or really spoke to me:

1. Breaking Down Food Groups and Their Effects on the Body

I always knew that fast food was bad for me.  I also always knew that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) was not healthy.  But I did not know WHY.  Nishma clears all questions in her book by breaking down the food groups and explaining WHY certain carbohydrates are not processed similar to others.  She also explains why HFCS does not serve the body, what happens when we take it in through our food and how our body reacts to this foreign “food”.

Probably my favorite chapter within the food group section was that of the vitamins and minerals.  Did you know that there is a difference in “fat soluble” and “water soluble” vitamins?  And in order for your body to process these vitamins correctly, we must eat a variety of foods to aid our body in absorbing these vitamins.  But these foods must be the RIGHT foods!  Nishma walks the reader through this process in an easy to understand way.

In addition, at the end of each food group chapter, Nishma offers a summary of that particular discussion making it easy for the reader to understand the high-level points (this was especially helpful as I was taking notes).

2. Nishma Helps You Understand what a HEALTHY Body Looks and Performs Like

opthealthBefore now I never really considered the way I chewed my food, let alone why my pee was yellow (rather than clear) or why I was having a regular upset stomach after eating.  Then, after reading, I understood a little bit more why my brain was not performing at it’s best and how to protect my body from “bad bacteria” and improve mine as well as my children’s immune systems through a healthy gut (This stuff is just too good).

The next chapter walks the reader through the digestive process, how an optimized brain should and does work as well as how to improve the immunity of your body through cleaning up the gut.  Break through the need for antibiotics by a few simple changes, such as implementing a regular clean probiotic into your daily life – this, as well as other simple changes are mentioned in “Optimize Your Child’s Mind, Body and Soul“.

3. Take Baby Steps

One of the big take aways from reading was that instilling a healthier nutritional based lifestyle for your family does not have to happen over night.  Take baby steps.  For example, if you are hoping to eliminate sweets from your child’s diet, slowly begin implementing more sweet fruits that the love and less sweet processed foods and eventually you will find your child asking for fruit!

It takes time, the cold-turkey technique does NOT work.  Take it from me – I had attempted to give my children ONLY water throughout the day when they were so used to having juice bottles.  I feared that their teeth would rot out of their heads.  It did not work.  They were crying, screaming, and everyone was miserable.  So I started giving a juice bottle in the morning, followed by only water in a cup.  Once they drank the water, a juice bottle was the reward.  And ever so slowly we are weening the kids off of only drinking juice.

Baby steps, mamas!  Baby steps!

4. YOGA!!!!!!!!!

You know I’m all over this.  Nishma introduces yoga to the reader for both adults, but most importantly, for children.  Did you know that yoga enhances a child’s concentration?  Increase flexibility and balance? And boosts immunity?  Yoga is an amazing addition to a healthy lifestyle (take it from me, I love me some yoga).

Poses, along with detailed descriptions are included as well as a chapter solely dedicated to teaching your children how to meditate!

5. Yummy Recipes

I’m terrible at cooking home-cooked meals.  I’m getting better at this.  At the end of Nishma’s book, you will find some of the most delicious recipes that are all meant to compliment the nutritional advice and comments throughout the entire book.  From breakfast pancakes to stovetop popcorn, these healthy recipes are sure to boost the health within your family one bite at a time!

I truly enjoyed this book, if you could not tell from my comments above.  I feel more connected to the nutrition and health of my family than ever before.  We are slowly transitioning to healthier options and eliminating the habits that we have fallen into (“for convenience”).  But I would MUCH rather my children be healthy than sick based solely on what I am feeding them – that really hits home.

If you would like to purchase your very own “Optimize Your Child’s Mind, Body and Soul” by Nishma Shah, please visit her website HERE and grab your copy today.  You will NOT be disappointed.


Be on the lookout for an upcoming webinar with Nishma and Get Out Mama!  We will be offering a 6-week webinar geared towards similar topics expressed in her book.  I cannot wait!