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I see parents using SERIOUS, as a way to discipline and I see frustration, anger, pain and no results.  Not everyone feels their silly side, I get that, but if silly or lighter, let’s say, were a more efficient and successful way to reach your child, and could get them to listen could you learn? Would you be willing to lighten up?

Being silly and playful is a tool in disciplining. Your children are in school for enough hours a week, in between playtime, (if they still have it) there are huge expectations on them, constantly. Stand up, sit down, get on line, take this book out, sit there, time to do this, time to do that, make a choice, share, do this… etc.

It’s important to remember this and schedule in some surrendered Mommy time, where you are not giving directions or asking questions, a time where you are letting your child play and explore.

I have tried many times to explain, model, and show parents how to do this. What I have come to find is, unless a parent has official playtime in his or her own lives, surrendered parenting is nearly impossible.

What I am suggesting is for you to have your own time where there are no rules and no judgment, and you get to let completely lose and lose yourself in the moment. This is a practice, as long as you get through the first 5 minutes of judgment and self-critical time, you have made it! This will help you understand and relate to your child, who knows how to surrender to the moment like an expert!

Here are some ideas if nothing comes up:

  • Lay on the floor and roll and stretch
  • Put on a cape and twirl to your favorite music
  • Sing a song with all the completely wrong words
  • Shake your whole body for 3-5 minutes without stopping

I would LOVE to know how you find time to surrender to the moment! Please share!



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Trust me, its a lot easier than you think. More importantly, its often better to reassess a situation rather than endure the consequences of the mental “check-out.” But what is it about a circumstance, or about us, that makes us give up? After making my own mistakes in that area, as well as observing others, the answer is crystal clear: we mentally check-out when we no longer feel successful at something. Not the earth shattering answer you were looking for, right? But think about it. Not much unlike reopening the refrigerator expecting food to magically appear, we are often guilty of the same type of inertia in our daily lives. And instead of going food shopping, we would rather look at an empty fridge in hope that the matter simply resolved itself. Or we take a nap- the ultimate check out! So, if you’re in a position where checking back…

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