naked-mom-and-kid  Physically and metaphorically. Inspired to write this with a moment that happened in the gym locker room the other day. I was in the middle of changing and I was naked. A little girl, about 4 or 5, looked at me in the eyes and smiled, or maybe I smiled first. Her Mom pulled her along  strongly and appeared to be working to keep her eyes away from me. This sent me into a query of how many kids see their parents naked? Then I began thinking deeper, how many kids see their parents emotionally transparent?

I thought about my own childhood, where I don’t recall seeing any feelings, and remembering my feelings were “too much” and didn’t know what to do with them, and how hard it was for me as a child, and also as an adult who had to re-find what it’s like to actually have (big) feelings.

My intention for this email is an invitation to be curious about your own family. How did you grow up in the context of nudity at home, as well as sharing and seeing, and feeling your “nude” feelings?

I am constantly learning myself, and don’t have biological children of my own. I do spend time with my friends kids, and I get self-conscious with my getting dressed and undressed with them around (especially in the Summer, with changing of bathing suits etc.)  If my friend (their Mom) is not into the Goddess lifestyle where we love and enJOY our bodies, I contract and don’t always know “what’s right” around them, this includes with my physical body as well as my emotions. How much do I share? What angle do I share from?

All this second guessing, and no wanting to offend or be judged as “______ kind of woman.” This thinking sends me into a tailspin. The question I am left with is:

Do I follow my own freedom and intuition, or do I give in to what I assess as limited actions?

Does anyone resonate? I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject…..