dd0Research and surveys from Mothers. I have been reading and thinking about the feedback, the answers about the worries and challenges, there are many and the most popular challenge is daughters (of all ages) “strong emotions.”  Don’t we ALL have strong emotions? I know we do, and I see how I numb them out. Numbing the strong feelings out with food and shopping are familiar to me. I see the fear in Mother’s about how to raise strong and independent daughters in our political climate today. It’s scary and I don’t have answers, I do have insight and ways to empower young and older girls.

I have been meditating on how exactly to support Mothers, along with manifesting, I have been beta testing a course on this very much needed support. This course is designed for 2 sets of age groups pre-school age and daughters 6-11. Seven steps to more ease and peace in stressful moments.

What I’m also learning is there is tremendous disrespect and power struggles that create patterns that Mothers can’t seem to get out of, and feel guilty about the way they are reacting. I have learned they also feel they cannot change the pattern because either their daughter reminds them of themselves younger, or their own Mothers.

I am excited about this course; Desperate Mothers ~ Defiant Daughters.


It is a week course and includes Q & A, and is recorded for future reference.

Interested, please contact us, so we can see if this course is a right fit for you.