My name is Shane B. Kulman, I am the founder of Your Beautiful Child, I am a parent coach, I use my education, experience and intuition to guide families to more peace, and joy in their homes. I believe in creating; deeper and more radically  understanding relationships.

Observing that all children have  special needs and frustrations,  I began naturally incorporating my own knowledge of yoga and different sensory experiences into the children’s therapy sessions.  All of the children were drawn body movements and organic nature of yoga, and attracted to anything pleasing the 5 senses.  The breathing exercises  got the children’s attention, and they began to attend to tasks for longer periods of time.

I have become a certified practitioner of Yoga for the Special Child® , LLC, and now I work with a range of special needs children as well as typical behaving children. Whether it be yoga class, social skills group or sensory integration/play session, I believe each child is special with an inborn willingness to learn, they will do “good”  if they can.

My goals in life are to work with families around the world.  If your organization is interesting in booking me for a workshop or a conference, send an email with a date and location.