Here is a peek into a session with a young girl that has just as much FUN as I do with my work.  I’ve recently been posting about the joys and unconditional love of my job, on Facebook.  I work with children, they come in all sizes and shapes, all different abilities and disabilities. Their range in personalities is endless. Here is a great video of me having FUN with a young client of mine.  She is more than a client, she is my friend…

The other day we were talking about occupations. We were playing barbies, and one barbie was the teacher, the other characters were the students. My little friend says to me, “you are a teacher right?”
me: yes.
her: I am a student and you are a good teacher.
me: Thank you. And YOU are my teacher too!
her: No, I not the teacher…

This conversation is appropriate for a 4 year old teacher student. But it also struck me as a Guru speaking to her disciple.

I have learned everything from the children I work with. We all learn from children, whether it be our own inner child, memories from our childhood or the children we see and have in our lives.

Its about time we give them credit for teaching us. I’m sure the first diaper that a parent changed was the biggest experience of learning from their child. You can read a book on changing diapers, watch someone else etc. Its not the same as the on the job training you got.

Let’s collectively begin THANKING our children for teaching us to be great caregivers, and for showing us what works.