Healing Your Relationship With Autism – A Unique Perspective

Autism - Meryl Vandana Brinin and Autistic son JulianHas your child or someone you know been diagnosed as having a learning disability, as having OCD, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia or Autism?

In this reality these amazing beings are labeled and limited and are judged as having a Dis-Ability but what if the way these beings function from is really more of a Super-Ability? What if they are not disabled at all but rather highly ABLE and we are the disabled ones?

My wish in writing this article is to demystify what Autism is and remove all obstacles and illusions of separation we have been taught in this reality that these beings are anything other than miraculous and awe inspiring so we can come together from this space of oneness.

What if it was far easier to communicate with total ease with these kids and adults who happen to be a lot more conscious than we give them credit for?

What if by following our knowing and trusting our awareness without judgement, we can reduce any stress or frustration we may be experiencing and have more ease relating to our friends, family members, and loved ones living on the Autistic Spectrum?

What if individuals living on the spectrum were naturally functioning from a much higher level of telepathy and knowing as well as vibrating from a much faster and higher frequency than we ever imagined possible?

Autistic children pick up every thought, feeling and emotion within a thousand miles. They are intuitively logical and logically intuitive. If you can alter your communication you will see that they are lightening fast and continuously responding to your thoughts.

By Using and applying RICH Clearings, you can unlock the doors to a more loving and peaceful relationship with your loved ones and mostly get out of your own way by unlocking their special gifts, talents and magical abilities that you were never told about when you first received the “diagnosis” of Austism, ADD, OCD, or PDD.

I have been offering healing sessions both in-person and over the phone to reach people all over the globe in honor of you the caregiver and wayshower of these highly gifted & higher inter-dimensional beings who are our greatest teachers! I gently & compassionately assist my clients to bring up any old resistance, judgments, limitations, illusions, lies, stories, programs & unconsciousness around what we bought as true about Autism and blast them all out of this existence by releasing and clearing them away as if by magic. Many families have been greatly helped to live from peace instead of stress in their daily lives even after just one session.

Once we bring up these old energies that have been causing pain and suffering, we can let them go so we have more space to function from total awareness to create a more expansive and peaceful reality for ourselves and everyone on this planet and beyond. We can then return the drama trauma that this reality sells you in all the way back to the infinite wisdom of our loving universe. Miracles can then
occur for all of us as we are all one.

What I’ve learned along the way is the only “cure” for Autism or any other different way of functioning in this reality is to operate from a place of pure and unconditional Love. Here is a letter I wrote to my own son who is now 21 when I attended a conference in NYC about Autism for Parents & Caregivers which changed all of my points of view so I can be fully present in all of my interactions with my greatest teacher who chose me as the perfect personal navigation system for this reality.

Dear Julian,

You have taught me the true meaning of Love,
You have given me intense joy, my most important
mission in life, & a genuine sense of purpose
You have taught me patience, to never give up on you
No matter what & to truly believe in your life
And future potential
Yes we struggled
No, it wasn’t easy
Yes, you were so worth it
I believe in you and what you can accomplish
Even when others didn’t
Even when you ran away
Even when you acted out
I always knew you loved me
You were just in pain-so was I
And we both couldn’t show it
You didn’t know how to reach me
I didn’t know how to reach you
But somehow we found a way
We found each other
There was never anything wrong with you
There was never a time that you
were abnormal or crazy
There is everything Right about you
You’ve taught me that it’s ok to be different
To be unique and a bit quirky
I’ve learned to accept and honor you along the way
To love all the funny and frustrating things
that make you so precious
You’ve taught me not to worry about
What other people think or say
I’ve forgiven those individuals some from my own family
Who didn’t honor or understand you
Who judged you
And I’ve most of all forgiven you and me


Here is a lovely testimonial from a very grateful Mom raising her daughter with Aspergers.

“Thank you Meryl for the explanation of Rainbow, Indigo & Crystal kids. I would love to guide my daughter toward healing, although the 1st session when she was younger was with the wrong person.I think she feels spooked by it now, thinks she put evil into her which I have dispelled but nonetheless my session was so profound with you, I could not get up for a few days, a real awakening! Still feeling it as well. Need to slow any new energy, have been working with too many modalities lately.Also, my shoulders were completely pain free for 4 days while I was at home ( had not felt that for years and several attempts by other healers). I think typing on computer all day and stress are not agreement with them. Still need to write to my daughter as well, will start putting thoughts together today (listen to your letter again for inspiration)” -Anonymous

If you or someone you love is struggling with understanding Autism and would like to heal your relationship with the diagnosis as well as with your family members, receive all the healing you need by listening to our live archived tele-class on Autism by clicking here. Its only $25 and the MP3 includes emotional clearings, creations and a customized Healing Activation.

RICH Blessings,
Meryl Vandana Brinin
Co-Creator of RICH Healing

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