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I have been writing a book for a couple of months now.  I have never called myself a writer, although I’ve also been writing this blog for some years now, and have published a couple of articles.  Why do some people comfortably state, “I am a writer?”  Is it because they majored in it in college?

Did someone in school tell you, “you can’t write?” or “you have difficulties writing?”  Where are those people now? How important are they now?

I value the use of  THE JOURNAL, I’ve even been called a “born again journaler.”   Journaling was introduced to me when I was young, my Aunt Myriam gave me a journal to write in when I was mad or angry. I used it alot. I stopped, only to really come to love it in the last couple of years.  When I began to write I realized how judgmental of myself I was.  It made me realize how much self-depricating I did.  I saw I “felt stupid” and judged my writing and thoughts so harshly, and this was never going to be shared with anyone, just myself.

Children have been using journals for quite some time in school now. It’s a place they keep their work, but are they given a chance to write their feelings? Ever?

ImageUsing a journal as a parent is powerful. I recently heard that if you are a parent, your heart is always some where outside your body.  WOW. I heard this while I was traveling in California and practicing being present.

Is it ever possible to be present as a parent when you always have your child’s well being and health on your mind?

After the big tragedies with shootings, and the “small” ones locally happening every day. How is a parent ever to feel fully present, unless their child is attached to them physically?

I have friends with teenagers, they often talk about how they are always worrying about what their children are doing until they are home safe in bed. Yikes. I would be endlessly journaling if I had teenage children.

If your choice is a journal, a blog/vlog or actually talking to yourself;) Its’ great!  It’s healthy and very insightful.

If you are a beginner, you could start your writing   “I love and accept you exactly as you are.”  Louise Hay suggests writing it 25 times! I follow her suggestion when I need to and it works! So start!, write your:

  • stories
  • your feelings
  • your imagination
  • the truth
  • your wishes
  • poetry & songs

I find it a great healing tool, clearing space in your head for more ideas, and to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression…

Happy writing! And I thank you with all my heart for reading,


I hope everyone is enjoying these pretty days.  I have been finding myself encountering conversations and activities that are putting me out of my comfort zone… AND I’ve loved it (afterwards that is.)   I am learning that if I am uncomfortable, chances the other person is as well!  This is a lesson I’ve been learning and experiencing at The Open Door Acting Company.  I’ve been going to classes twice a week regularly now and it’s only leading to doors opening and beautiful experiences and opportunities being handed to me!  I am serious.   I am grateful for the families I currently work with where I get to use improve acting with the children.  The best tie-in as of yet is, I realized somewhere along the way

Children ARE Improv

The acting class is adults playing! Do you feel as though you play with your child or children?  This is how to get them to learn and relate to you.

I have been inviting anyone I get in a conversation with to this class, and no one I have invited has shown up? Why?  Is it fear?  Fear of the unknown?  Fear of being uncomfortable?  I’m not sure. BUT – You’re all invited, and the first class is free.

It’s a small class and it’s all about fun… There are two requirements:

  • Be a human being
  • Show up

I feel very lucky to have this class in my life, and the people I have been working with are just amazing. They range in age from their late 20’s to their 60’s and beyond.  I treasure the relationships I’ve built with them. We are closer than many of my friends, (that I’ve known 20 years!)

I have been specifically working with Erin Flowers, the teacher of this class, in creating a 4 week program and birthday parties for children.  It’s a self esteem builder and gives children a chance to have guided playing while using costumes and a touch of my imagination along with theirs.  I see how if a child has weak self-esteem they are not able to grow or learn.

If you are interested in getting your child involved, contact me NOW while I am coordinating groups for the summer,

Children, of all ages, (adults too) of all abilities and disabilities, first and foremost want to be likedIf a person does not feel comfortable or connected in their own body they cannot focus on the beauty that life has to offer.

  • Maybe this is your call to come to class
  • Maybe this is what your child would be interested in
  • Maybe YOU can take the adult class and you can sign your child up to take the child’s class with me
  • Maybe you take this class with your spouse, your lover or your parents?

The ideas are limitless, the growth is expansive…  and SCENE!

See you there!

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