I was lucky to go to the premier of The Miracle Project at HBO’s showing, several years ago. I had been working with children with autism for a couple of years back then.  I was so deeply moved by this documentary. At the end of the experience, I was crying so deeply, my heart was beating faster than it ever had.   Who am I to have such amazing beautiful profound children in my life?  I felt the uncomfortableness of the stranger at my side, the tears wouldn’t stop and I couldn’t catch my breath.  This film showed me family dynamics and relationships that I had never considered before.  I saw inside homes of children with autism, when the therapist is not there working with the child.   A deeper compassion from me was born. I began working with parents of children with autism and other special needs, not to long after…

I came home and sent out where and when this documentary could be watched on HBO. I sent it to everyone I knew who had a big loving heart… If you haven’t yet seen this documentary, find a way to watch it.

Thank you for reading, I hope this article by Elaine Hall on Building Meaningful Friendships for Children with Special Needs brings some insight to you,