Super parent capeI recently did a Super Parent workshop in Brooklyn. It’s a school that always has a great turn out for my workshop. I was excited! I had my cape, my crown, my mask! I was ready to play, and play we did!

Over the years my talks have gone from straight up talking, laser coaching, Q & A, and information giving, to us ACTUALLY playing. If you know me at all you know how I believe in the power of improvisational acting.

This time it was wonderful! Parents gently volunteered after I invited them up to stand in front of the room, and play out their parenting situations. Body language and instinct took over and I saw parents getting lit up on how they see the same stuck situation in a new light.

Why is role play so important? SO, against popular belief, our minds are not our friends. You are never going to get your child to see the world through your eyes. Everything has changed and is changing since your thoughts an beliefs developed. SO you must be able to see the same situation with a different spin and a difference of opinion.

Your children are born with their own principals and you have  your own. Your child is a stranger. Yes your child is a stranger, a combination of different DNA than you, and born in a completely different time and space. So if you BE with them as they are strangers, you will have a new curiosity.

Role play is the safe container where you can see a difference of opinion and get some new answers and some new insights.

Welcome, to play land for adults. Try role playing at home with your friend or your parenting partner.

Keep me posted on your role play!


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